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Could Mountain

At Cold Mountain, a small town in North Carolina, arrive a father and a daughter( Kidman).Inman(Law) meets Ada(Kidman), though they speak little. At the onset of war between the North and the South, Inman leaves for the war with the first kiss implanted on Ada’s lips. The war lasts for 3 long years. The South has lost it, and the soldiers who try to return are considered traitors and are ordered to be killed by the home-guards.

Inman embarks on the journey to return to Ada. Through dangerous encounters, Inman returns to Ada to be with her for only a day. The home-guards who have ruthlessly killed the families that stayed behind to claim their property, are set to die through Inman’s hands. He looses his life too. Ada gives birth to a baby girl and continues to live in Cold Mountain.
•Director : Anthony Minghella
•Cinematography by : John Seal
•Genres:Drama , Romance , War

Awards: Won Oscar. Another 13 wins & 61 nominations


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